Postdoctoral Research Scholar: Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics of Turfgrasses

We will be filling this position as soon as possible, for full consideration please apply by January 10, 2021

The Research

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Scholar to join a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary team working in comparative genomics, evolutionary genomics and bioinformatics of turfgrass species within the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. The position will be co-mentored by Dr. Susana Milla-Lewis and Dr. Amanda Hulse-Kemp. The position is ideal for a candidate interested in career-development at the interface between bioinformatics of genome assembly comparisons and evolutionary analysis with impact on crop plant breeding. North Carolina State University is a Research 1, land-grant university, one of three major research universities in the vigorous, multi-sector, Research Triangle. NC State has strong programs in plant breeding with an award winning turfgrass breeding program, genetics, and bioinformatics. The Postdoctoral Research Scholar will focus on integrating exceptional quality genomes to assess pangenomes, study population genomics and phylogenetics of turfgrasses and wild relatives through bioinformatics. The overall goals are to integrate resources across turfgrasses which have similar breeding goals across different species. The postdoctoral scholar will use high performance computing platforms for analyzing BigData sets which have been produced across a multi-institution collaborative Specialty Crops Research Initiative project.

Position Info

The position is supervised by Dr. Susana Milla-Lewis at North Carolina State University and funded through a collaborative agreement with the USDA, Agricultural Research Service. The postdoc will work closely with Dr. Amanda Hulse-Kemp at the USDA on this project. Pay for this position is commesurate based on experience plus benefits.

Desired Skills

A successful applicant will likely have experience in bioinformatics, biology, botany, ecology, computer science, statistics, or similar field. The candidate should be comfortable using Python or R and have some experience with version control, statistics, and plant breeding concepts. We recognize that each person has a unique mix of experience, individual strengths, and experiences and we encourage any applicant with a strong record of research productivity and experience to apply.

Interested? Email me today The official position link is available here.